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Elder_Paisios_Vol_V_1024x1024Anger, pure anger, is a power of the soul. If a person who is meek by nature is helped once by his character in his spiritual progress, the irascible person is helped twice as much by the power of his character, as long as he directs this power of anger against the passions and the evil one. If he doesn’t take advantage of this power of his, then the devil will certainly do so. The person who is mild-mannered by nature will not be able to achieve progress by leaps and bounds, unless he struggles to acquire manliness. On the contrary, an irascible person will achieve progress in no time, as long as he makes the intrepid decision to direct his anger against wickedness. This is why those who have a reckless streak make progress in the spiritual life by leaps and bounds.

—St. Paisios of Mount Athos.  Passions and Virtues. Volume 5. Page 133.

Elder Paisios