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The Problem“Remain for a short while alone, by yourself…”

“Father, I have diffculty praying in the evening. I invariably feel bored. My mind keeps wandering and I don’t even feel like concentrating.”

“Are you able to read something?”

“I am usually too tired to read.”

“Well then, put on some gentle music and sit quietly in an armchair, without doing anything.”

“But I can’t bear doing nothing at all!”

“Just what do you want to do?”

“I want to watch the news… to see what’s happening in the world, to be informed….”

“So then, your main problem is not that you are not able to pray, but that you are unable to remain a short while alone, by yourself.

“How can you endure standing before God when you cannot endure your own self in quietude? Without inner quiet, there can be no prayer.”


† Metropolitan Cyprian July 9/22, 2014


St. Seraphim of Sarov with bear