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Relationships Due To Holy Baptism

St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite writes:

“This relationship results when one sponsors a child at the ceremony of Holy Baptism. For the man who undertakes this sponsorship is making the child in question his spiritual son or daughter, as the case may be; accordingly, he in fact becomes a closer and more intimate relative and father of the child than is its carnal father, because just as much as the spirit is higher than the body the relationship of the spirit is higher than that of the flesh.” 

For example:
1. A Godfather (or his Carnal Son) may not marry his Goddaughter, i.e., any girl that he has baptized.
2. A Godfather (or his carnal Son) may not marry the Mother or Daughter of his Godchild.
3. None of the Godfather’s Children may marry the Mother of their Father’s Godchild
4. Nor may any Child marry a Daughter of his Father’s Goddaughter.
5. If perchance Two Children, one male and the other female, happen to be baptized by one and the same Godfather, they may not marry each other.
6. A Man may not marry the Widow of his Spiritual Brother.
7. If the Husband baptizes One Child, and his Wife another, these Children may not intermarry.
8. A Son-In-Law may not marry the Goddaughter of his Father-In-Law.