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We reply that Heaven is not a physical place where the angels dwell like as we, but it is a noetic place surpassing sense perception, if indeed this should be called a place at all; but more properly, it must be called the “place of God.” For John the Damascene says in his thirteenth Theological Chapter entitled “On The Place of God”: “The place of God is said to be that which [or, he who] has a greater share in His energy and grace. For this reason the heaven is His throne, for in it are the angels who do His will;” and again, noetic place is where the noetic and bodiless natures both function noetically and exist, both are present and active.” We say, then, that such a place, super-celestial and supra-mundane, noetic and bodiless…we are accustomed to call it Heaven. 

—St. Mark of Ephesus