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Let no one imagine that we celebrate the Divine Name of Love without Scriptural authority, for it is, I consider, unreasonable and foolish to pay attention to the letter rather than to the spirit, nor is this the method of those who wish for insight into Divine things, but rather of those who receive empty sounds and prevent them from passing beyond their ears, not wishing to know the inner significance, nor how to explain them more clearly in terms of similar meaning, but they confine themselves to meaningless arrangements of letters, uncomprehended syllables and words which do not penetrate into the intelligence of their souls, but buzz outside, around their lips and ears, just as though it were not permitted to explain the number four by calling it twice two, or a straight line by calling it a direct line, or the motherland by calling it the fatherland, or any other name which has the same significance, using many different words. It is necessary to know, according to right reason, that we use sounds and syllables and phrases on account of our senses, since when our soul is moved by noetic energies to that which is noetically perceived, both the senses and that which they perceive are surpassed, just as in turn are the noetic powers of the soul, which having become Godlike, casts itself, in the union of unknowing, upon the Rays of the Ineffable Light, in sightless vision of the Divine.

St. Dionysius the AreopagiteDivine Names, chap. IV

St. Dionysios Areopagitis