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Младостарчество [Mladostarchestvo/Mladostartsy]— condemned and vicious phenomenon in the life of the Church related to the abuse by some priests of the pastoral authority, the ordinance mandated by the Church. Characterized by the desire to completely subjugate the will or consciousness of their members, assigning itself powers which are not according to church rules and statutes.

<<…inexperienced priests who are familiar with the ascetic literature only in theory, can always be tempted to “abuse of power”,…while they have no idea what is the essence of true elders. [“Young Eldership”] introduces disorder into the life around us. It poses danger and causes irreparable damage to the soul of a ward [‘one who has been entrusted to the “elder”‘.>>

<<…a spiritually pernicious, sad comedy – ‘elders’ who take on the role of the ancient Holy Elders without their spiritual gifts,…essentially their way of thinking is obedience to falsity,…their knowledge is essentially self-delusion and devilish charm.>>

Metropolitan Juvenal (Poyarkov) said: “Mladostarchestvo is doing great irreparable harm to the Church. Into this temptation fall young priests who do not have elementary life experience and knowledge of the people.”