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We must not omit saying a few words about Fr. Joachim’s rare and exceptional beard.

When he lived in America, he observed with sorrow the modernist spirit which had begun to affect even ecclesiastical matters. He saw [Orthodox] priests who thought they could function better  in society if they departed from Orthodox tradition. In that worldly atmosphere, Fr. Joachim behaved courageously. He couldn’t stand to see Orthodox priests taking off their precious Riassas or cutting their hair and beard. It is worth noting that before being tonsured, he made the following prayer to the Mother of God:

Most Holy Theotokos, when I become a priest, please give me long hair and beard, so that I will look like the priests in my country.

The Mother of God did not deny him his supplication, but fulfilled his desire abundantly. As we stated earlier, the Americans wondered at his imposing appearance and his long, full beard. When he finally journeyed to Mount Athos, an astonishing thing happened. His beard grew and lengthened all the way down to his legs — a phenomenon very rare even in his fatherland. We attributed this to the prayer he made ( to  look like a priest ) to the Mother of God. In order to move freely and restrain the remarks of others, he was forced to carry his beard in a sack tied around his neck.

In his latter years, the fathers asked him to be photographed with his priestly vestments and beard. At first he wouldn’t do it, but after being asked a second time by the fathers, he gave in. The photograph was saved, and can be seen at the end of the text.

May we have his holy Prayers!


Contemporary Ascetics
of Mount Athos

in Two Volumes

by Archimandrite
Cherubim (Karambelas)

Entrance from Narthex