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Yet still another incident shows the unsurpassed faith and piety which he had in carrying out his sacred duties. There in his parish, in a narrow little alley, hid a man who was in an advanced state of leprosy. His lips had been eaten away by this terrible disease. Once Father went to give him Communion, but his decayed mouth could not receive the Holy Body of the Lord, and it fell a little to one side of his mouth. Without any hesitation whatever—absolutely none—Father leaned over and with his mouth took the Divine Pearl Which had fallen, and consumed It! Let those who find it hard to receive Communion because they’re afraid of germs take a look at this! … Actually, it is a great blasphemy: that the One God of the living and the dead, the Creator of heaven and earth, could be contaminated by germs! The ravings of mentally-darkened unbelievers !

As for that sick man, he was found out by the police and sent to the leper-colony together with his daughter, who had also become afflicted and had her fingers eaten away. In spite of this, Father suffered nothing.

—from Life of St. Papa-Nicholas Planas