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In the text of The Life of Our Memorable Father Joseph the Hesychast you will find the following extract giving a glimpse of his experience derived from the Jesus prayer and in general from leading a life of tranquil hesychasm:

There comes a moment when man is at prayer uttering it with all his noetic powers concentrated and with only the sweet Name of our Lord Jesus on his lips that all of a sudden his nous is illuminated or rather overwhelmed by a dazzling immaterial light as white as snow and a fine perfume imbues all his being. He emerges from himself standing in another world quite transformed. It is then that he neither prays nor thinks: he just looks upon the sublime works of God”.

Saint Makarios the Great had once said that “there are eyes behind these eyes and there is a hearing beyond this hearing.”

My humble hesychast Elder had two touching charac­teristic features: silence and tears. In the vastness of si­lence he could hear the whispers of grace. Death found him with his face bedewed with those tears whose sweet­ness we have not as yet experienced.

Elder Ephraim of Arizona