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Conversion to the Orthodox Church is not easy. In the West, especially, immigrants brought with them from their homelands an Orthodoxy which very quickly accommodated to the Christianity of the West, losing much of its essence and, under the influence of the ecumenical movement, coming to think of itself, not as the historical Church, the very Church of Christ, but as one of many other ecclesiastical bodies. As a result, Orthodoxy in the West is often an artificial version of traditional Orthodox Christianity, covering its inauthenticity with an ecclesiology derived from Western notions of the Church and rooted in its ideas of “officialdom” and “relevancy.” This even has led at times to a spirit of antagonism towards True Orthodoxy—that Orthodoxy of resistance to the worldly spirit and to political “officialdom” that has always produced pillars of Christian virtue—that impedes a deeper understanding of our Faith. In such an atmosphere, we feel it necessary, as converts ourselves, to offer to those coming to the Orthodox Faith a vision of the practical Orthodox life as it is lived, not in the artificial Orthodoxy of the West, but by the pious traditionalist Orthodox of Greece, the Levant, and Eastern Europe. In this way, we hope to help new converts drink from the sweet waters of a genuine Orthodoxy, that we might establish in the West, too, wells of that life-giving, refreshing drink.

A Guide to Orthodox Life (http://t.co/f5LUkB6v) Orthodox Daily Life (.pdf)