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The Elder Joseph prayed and the child was resurrected.

One day, his sister gave birth to a child. Shortly after birth, the child died, un-baptized *. The people were all grieved, of course, that the child died, and especially that he died without Holy Baptism. If the child was baptized and then died, they would have had the comfort that the child became an angel like the simple people say (the thought that it went with the cherubs and became one of the pretty little angels). The truth is that the child has communion with the saints through baptism, but not that it becomes an angel. A person remains a person. At the time, the Elder was in the streets doing his podvig of foolishness. Having found him, the people chided, “Fool, here you go around barefoot and crazy and your sister gave birth to a child, and the child died, and you’re just wandering around in nonsense.” Having been informed of what occurred, the Elderalso became grieved. He ran to the house, and lo and behold, found the people weeping and the child dead. He was so grieved that he began to pray very earnestly. The Elder was amazing when he prayed, either when he prayed in his own words or with the prayers of the Church. The Elder Arsenios said the Fr. Joseph was a “chapumachi” (Striker, flint). As a lighter goes “chick” and a flame, ignites, such was the case with the Elder Joseph when he would pray. His prayers and compunction was such that he would ignite like the flint in a lighter. Then–‘bam‘–conflagration, a big bonfire. Just like that he would also set the other person next to him on fire. The Elder prayed and the child was resurrected. A priest was called and the child was Baptized. At that time children were usually baptized at home. Shortly afterward the child reposed, having been baptized to the joy and comfort of everyone. Many marveled and said, “Look, he’s a fool and he’s crazy, but my dear, he can pray.” God enters the prayers of crazy people. Being impressed, the people said, “My dear, is it possible that he’s not so crazy? Is it possible that there is some grace of God in this person?”

*The following miracle was related by Mother Eupraxia (sister according to the flesh of Elder Arsenios), having heard it from the relatives of the Elder. Mother had also verified this miracle.

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