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Bearing with me now, if some Christians today live all of the seventy or eighty years that we conjectured above, most of the rest of them die either in their forties, or in their twenties, or some in their teens, while yet others reach only their childhood years and die. Nonetheless, even if some do live all eighty years, yet, if we subtract from these the forty years that they spend sleeping at night, the fifteen years in which they cannot perfectly distinguish between good and evil, and five additional years which they might spend in sickness and bodily suffering, there remain only twenty years. Imagine, then, how witless are those octogenarian Christians who regard these twenty years as a long time and on this account wish to spend them in vain and soul-destroying games and spectacles and have no desire to spend them in the service of their salvation.

St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite ~ Christian Morality