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The Mind, the source of the logismoi, creates an awareness of a shallow, or sometimes a false, sense of self. The story or drama with which this shallow self concerns itself throughout life is, collected together, the ego of that particular person. Because of the Fall, this sense of self is broken. Although it mimics reality, it is actually an invention of the individual person and not real at all. Beautiful and necessary when used voluntarily, the mind also functions in an involuntary mode the rest of the time. These involuntary workings of the mind need, most often, to be brushed aside and made quiet. At the beginning of the process, we may feel very unsure of our new surroundings, since it is actually normal for us to depend on the mind to guide us through life. On learning to put the mind aside, or rather, only to use it when it is needed, one comes to a level of awareness that may be entirely new.

                                                       —Archimandrite Meletios (Webber)